Description of in Social Work Jobs

If you have a strong desire to help people improve their lives and cope with everyday issues, consider the benefits of a social worker career. Social workers provide a wide range of services, resources, and advice to children, families, schools, and other organizations to improve their clients' current situation. They typically work with individuals in a one-on-one setting and are assigned specific cases for long periods of time. Most social worker jobs require at least a bachelor's degree and preferably a master's degree in the field. If you're considering a career in social work, take some time to review a typical social worker job description and seek out information about different roles and responsibilities to get a better idea of what this career entails.

Applying for Social Worker Jobs

The majority of social worker jobs are available in the social assistance and health care industries. Some social workers also work for government agencies and are hired by the state. You'll find more job opportunities in this field in some of the metro areas and larger cities, simply because there is more demand for experienced and highly-trained social work professionals in these areas. All states and the District of Columbia require social workers to be licensed, certified, or registered, and the basic requirements vary from state to state.

In order to apply for a social worker job, you will need to:

  • Provide proof of completion of at least an undergraduate or master's degree in psychology, sociology, and related fields
  • Provide proof of licensure, certification, and registration in the state you are planning to work in
  • Include a professional resume with your application
  • Provide proof of volunteer work and references
  • Provide any references from previous employers

Social Worker Job Descriptions

If you're still undecided on whether you want to pursue a career in this field or want to learn more about what a social worker's job entails, take some time to look at some sample job descriptions for positions in your area.

Keep in mind that the job description and duties will vary by specialty and type of position. Clinical social workers, for example, work in a variety of settings and may be responsible for providing mental health counseling, developing treatment plans, and registering their client for a social service program. Social work planners and policymakers typically develop programs to address societal problems such as poverty, child abuse, and domestic violence. Child and family social workers are assigned to work with a particular individual or family to resolve conflicts, address personal problems affecting the person's job, or handle cases of abuse or violence.

Social worker job descriptions include details such as:

  • Location of the clinic
  • Types of patients you will be working with
  • General everyday duties
  • Special projects or cases you will be assigned
  • Tools and resources you will be using to assist your clients
  • Number of hours you will be expected to work each week

Looking at sample job descriptions online can give you a better idea of what these jobs entail, and what type of education and training you would need to fulfill your job duties.